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Your Party Will Continue

Our clients spoke and we will deliver!

Lets Celebrate the event you wanted to host this year but couldn't.


Right now we decided to focus on events such as Gala's, Company parties, Holiday events, Fundraisers or any Annual Event that can't happen! We can never replace that in-person touch but let's give it a try and see what happens :)

Our formula is simple! 

encourage your previous guest or employee to take a fun event photo, maybe holding their favorite drink or doing a fun pose. Then use our A.i photo booth to capture it and add some production value. 

Your guest can use our online photobooth to take a fun photo

Online event will Include:

1) A.I Background removal

2) Any background image you want

3) Custom Overlay

4) Digital props

5) Add prize drawing (Select among of winners)

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