AVA Selfie Photo Booth Kiosk Rental Chicago  

Listed as #1 Photo Booth Rental in Chicago 

by Modern Luxury Magazine 

This modern Gif and Video Photo booth station will set your event apart from the rest with a major wow factor!

The Appeal

AVA booth offers the latest in lighting and user experience. First the booth draws in your guest with a beautiful pulsating rainbow light hypnotizing them into taking a picture. Next they are given a choice of Photo, Gif or New Video mode. After selecting, a live view countdown will pop up changing the rainbow light to a pleasing soft white light and photo is taken. After they complete their chosen session they will be presented with a final animated proof which they can share via email or sms straight to their smart phone.


The Look

The booth is designed with a sleek and modern look in mind. Thats why we are one of the only companies that offers a battery powered feature so you don't have nasty cords and tape ruining the look and feel of our sexy booth.

The After Math

Disclaimer: when renting our booth you are subject to endless phone calls and texts from your friends and guests the days following your event. We highly encourage you to hire very large security guards seeing as you will have to kick them out when the party ends :)

We Are Simple Fabulous






Attracting Rainbow Light 

Modern Look 


Skin Smoothener



Direct Social Sharing


Brandable Screen

Share and Capture Analytics

5 minute Set-up

Super Easy to Use 

Live View Count Down

*Optional Battery for Cord Free

Glam Filter

Beauty Filter

Kardashian Glam Filter

Light weight (Easily Move During Event)

No Hostess Required

Makes for a more private experience for your guests

 (who wants to be watch!) 

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329 w 18th St Chicago IL 60616

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