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If you book with us we offer peace of mind for last minute cancellations!

If your event gets pushed back we will allow you to change the date with as little as 24 hour notice*

Cool New Face Finder Feature
"Find All The Photos I'm In"
Find all my photo booth.jpg

No More Entering your Information every time you take a photo on our booth. New find your face in all the pictures taken at the event and have in your own personal gallery. Saves time and makes taking pictures super fun and easy!

Why us ...Things to know before booking

with others and why people choose us

1) Can I cancel as late as 24hrs before my event if thing need to be cancelled? Yes! we completely understand that due to our current situation events can get cancelled at any time. 


2) I don't want my guests sharing props for safety,  Do you have a solution? Absolutely! Our booth has advance A.I features such as Virtual Digital face tracking props with live preview that you can see while picture is being taken!


3) Do they have an internet connection / wifi for instant sharing? We have a 5G LTE hotspot


4) Whats your rating? We have a 5 star rating on Yelp, Google and Facebook


5) Do you offer a booth that does the newest video mode? We Do!

6) Do you have a touch screen set-up?  We do! and best of all our booth has live view and talks to the guests giving a verbal countdown so they are ready.


7)How long does it take for the online sharing album to post? We can post instantly to your custom web gallery


8) What does other photo booth rental /set-up look like? Have them send you a picture (We have the coolest looking open air booths in the Industry) 


9) Last and most importantly, Sharing your awesome pictures with family and friends during the event (Email or Social Media) is what makes us the most efficient. Did you know that 99% of all photo booths make guests enter their information at the booth main screen every time the take a photo. This wastes time and prevents others from taking pictures (Long lines!!). We can use a separate kiosk, guests only enter their email or text "one time" and receive live picture updates to their smartphone where they can share instantly on any social media or traditional email. Speed is what makes us stand out from everyone else!

10) Can they do a super cool music video style with audio? Update 2020 Check out our new booth name AVA that now does video booth mode and modern video splices and edits to the videos.

 Learn More


11) What type of camera they use? In Bella Booth use a professional 30 megapixel camera and lens which is used on high-end shoots

12) Are they insured? Yes we are! Always ask for proof!

13) Do you have an easy way to search for all my photos without entering my text or email every time I take a photo?

YES! Update 2020 we now offer face AI and can search for all the photos you appear in to your our custom photo gallery.

14) Do you offer a low height options for pets and kids? 

YES! We can set up with half the height of any other photo booth company for the little ones.



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Selfie Photo Booth Kiosk Rental _ Chicag
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