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Touchless Photo Booth Rental Chicago

New Hybrid Touch Free Picture Taking!  Guests can now use a hand wave to activate the A.I camera and a Cool hands-free QR code will pop up, which they can scan using their cell phone for a simple Touch-less and Safe Touch-free photo booth experience—the Best Hands-Free Photo Booth For Covid 19 Safety using Contactless Technology. 

Hybrid Event Idea

Become a fully Hybrid Event by also serving virtual guests and adding our Virtual Online Booth with our in-person Touch-less Booth. 

Our Hands-Free Photo Booth Rental Can Service 

New York | Chicago | Miami | Las Vegas | L.A.  

Guests Use Hand To Start Taking a Photo

Touchless handsfree photobooth.gif

Guests get by taking a photo of QR Code

chicago touch less photo booth

Easy Touch Free Fun!

Touchless handsfree photobooth chicago.g

Control Our Booth With Your Smart Phone

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Touchless photo booth

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