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Virtual Headshot For Your Remote Team 

Professional headshots for remote teams. Working from home is the new norm. Let us help you capture a photo for your work-from-home employees and staff members.

The Top Rated Choice for Virtual Headshots and the safest way for your team & Staff to take an easy virtual Headshot remotely. 


Your Search for the best price has ended

We shop for our competitors, so you don't have to!

Option 1 (Full Self Serve)
Lowest Price Option
Self Serve Virtual Headshot Package
(Web-Based Capture & No Editing)
$19 Flat Fee Per Person
Just Update Qty At Check-out
Unlimited Retakes!!


Or Request Invoice Now

Via Email

Put "Turnkey Headshot and # of staff" in subject line 

Option 2
Our Newest Option
(Best Photo Quality Results)
"Full Concierge Remote Headshot"
Start to finish professional remote headshot with editing from real photographer

virtual headshot for remote teams.jpg

This is for companies that demand higher quality results and are billed for one employee at a time at $149 Each or Only $99 Each After 10 Employees for a better rate. Includes full white glove service with professional editing and sizing. 


Full Concierge Remote Headshot 


1) Direct phone contact with a professional photographer.

(All that's needed is a five-minute phone call with our photographer, who will tell your employee where to take the photo, how to use their available lighting, and do proper professional composition)

2) Our photographer will direct them to take at least three photos; our default expressions are closed mouth smile and open smile. You can decide to have our photographer use their discretion, or you can pick your favorite.

3) Full Editing & Hand Background Removal

After deciding on the best photo, it will be added for blemishes, and we can also do background removal. (we can replace it with a color of your choice) or a digital photo as a background.

4) Full Team Progress Tracking

5) Worldwide Service.

6) Full White Glove Service, You Just Book and Pay, and we take care of the rest!

  • 1) Do I receive all the photos from the event?
    Absolutely, you and the client can receive a link to a gallery where you can download and save all the photos permanently. Guests will also be able to share directly by entering an SMS or Email during the event using our live-sharing connection.
  • 2) Can I brand the photos with a Logo or Banner (Watermark)
    Of course, the exact Termanology is called an Overlay, also might be referred to as a watermark. This will basically be placed in front of all images to promote or brand the event or sponsor. It can be a full frame, bottom banner, or just a simple logo in one of the corners. Be sure to request a "Digital Overlay" when you click the "lock in booking" button under your quote. Also, we include a digital overlay on a full-day or Multi-day quote for free, otherwise is a flat rate price of $49
  • 3) What is a green screen?
    A green screen is a cloth backdrop (green in color), and we can digitally remove the green and replace it with any digital image, such as a city scape or step and repeat wall.
  • 4) What is a booth wrap?
    A booth wrap is a vector sign that attaches to the back of the photo booth; in the example photo below, it is a wedding custom wrap sign with 2 names. If this is for a business-related event, it can be any logo or illustration, and because the sign has a Velcro backing, it's removable and can be used for your future events. After your booking, we will save the sign for your future event. Be sure to request a "Booth Wrap Option" when you click "lock in booking" button under your quote. You can get the back wrap for free if you book a multi-day event of more than 3 days. Otherwise, it's a flat rate of $199
  • 5) Can I Capture Emails, Data and Sharing Stats?
    Absolutely; upgrade to data & analytics advance service for only $199 and receive amazing Stats & Data Capture, including email, phone, and how they are shared (Text, Email, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram) You can view via a client web portal our advanced A. I will even guess their age and put on a visual graph. Portal will also count all the faces that appear in the total photos taken to show how many participated.
  • 6) Do you offer proof of Insurance (COI) and W9?
    After you book simply request a COI or a W9. We primarily focus on corporate client needs and know exactly what you require.
  • 7) How much space do I need?
    Our booth has the smallest footprint available; the booth base is only roughly 1' x 2' and when weighs only 25 pounds. If it's aiming at a wall or Backdrop, it needs only 6 feet. The total area you would need is roughly 8 x 8' from the booth screen. Booth can also be aimed towards the event, so you don't need any specific area; it can be placed in a corner aiming towards the event or against a column.
  • 8) I only want an expert, Who can do set-up for my event?
    For important events, please request our Pro-Tech for Set-up; we are the only service that can provide phone and day-of help from a tech with at-least 20+ years of experience in Video and Photo set-ups.
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