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Online Virtual Photo Booth Service That Can Help Any Online Based Event, Business or School Headshot and Profile Photo.

Online Events | Virtual Events | Remote Team Headshots | Fun Photo Experience For Client Events | Virtual School Yearbook | Event Planners | Virtual Fundraisers   

How Guests Can Take a Photo

1) From A Smart Phone or Tablet
vitual photo booth online
2) From A Laptop or Any Webcam
vitual photo booth online
No App Needed &
Includes Unlimited Photos
vitual photo booth online
Add To Zoom Meeting Using Our Custom QR code Just For Your Meeting. Quick and Easy!
zoom photo booth.jpg
qr code to main demo.png

We are the Best Online Photo Booth for Any Virtual Event, Business & School Functions, or Virtual Remote Headshots.

Great for Virtual School Yearbook Photo

Virtual Year Book Photo Online Capture, Students can take a new photo using our easy web-based photo booth on their smartphone

School Yearbook Headshot packages are available. 

Embed to your business website to engage with visitors

Many of our clients chose to embed the photo booth on their websites.

Great for Event Venues and Hotels 

Let's get creative! Use our virtual booth for a promotional email you send guests, or use a custom QR code printed on any material you hand out, such as Hotel key cards, brochures, business cards, or even a QR sign in your lobby. The guest will aim their smartphone at the QR code. It will automatically pop up a link taking them to your virtual photo booth. The best part, no app is required, and it works with any smartphone!


Virtual Fairs, Virtual Conferences, and Virtual Expo
We create a simple link or QR tag that you can add to your virtual floor plan. 
Virtual Headshot for Teams

Remote work is now the norm for millions of teams, so we build a solution for company headshots. Knowing we could help, our team designed a simple and helpful virtual headshot experience. Professional headshots for remote teams

Engage Customers with an Easy QR Code

Some of our clients are adding it to room keycards, Business cards, Websites, Menus, Lobby signs or Online bulletin boards. 

Hotel keycard qr.png
Virtual booth chicago-phone-2.gif

Guest's get a simple pop up to your virtual photo booth and works on any smart phone

No App Needed! 

À la carte Options

AI Background Removal

We use artificial intelligence to automatically replace any background. Upload your own backgrounds for guests to choose from.

No more green screen! 

Add any background, 

Even your venue space




Create a more engaging experience for your virtual conference or event with our custom competition feature – Scratch & Win. 

contest photo booth

How it works!

Its a browser-based online virtual photo booth that can be used on a desktop, laptop and smart phone for remote teams, virtual events, conferences and more, allow users to take photos in a virtual photo booth online experience just like they would at a traditional booth at an event. Virtual photo booth hire 


  • Fully Customizable interface

  • Multiple Types of Experiences

  • AI Background Removal (Green screen like)

  • Competition

  • Photo Vetting

  • Analytics

  • Galleries

  • Social Sharing

  • Group Sessions

  • Stickers

  • Online Photo Booth 

  • Virtual photo booth for zoom

  • Embed On Your Own Website

Virtual Photobooth Pricing

2021 OFFER

Starts at $199 (Sale)

Monthly Super Deal (Special)

Unlimited photos!

Call us now to discuss

773 360-2333

St Patrick & Easter Theme Booth Special $199

Virtual booth chicago.png

We are the top choice for the Leading Virtual Event Planners Nationwide!

top rated virtual booth.png

IMPORTANT NOTE: We guarantee the absolute lowest prices without compromising quality, if you received many quotes and are thinking about going with another company that you feel is better, don't! We offer every feature available. Simply email us and let us know what it's gonna take to earn your business.

Put "Question about my quote" in subject line

Email us now

Add Any Custom Digital Stickers

bernie meme.png
Add a prop sample.jpg
mayor lightfoot .png

Test Drive By Aiming Your Smart Phone Camera at QR and Waiting for a Pop-up

(We Can Create the Same for Your Event)

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