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Photo Booth Rental Chicago​

The days of enclosed photo booths are over!

We are the best choice for Hosting a Personal Event or Business Event. We offer 2 modes (Touch or Touchless) Our set-up can be at the entrance of your event, facing the dance floor or off to the side without taking up any space.

Includes a ton of fun digital face tracking props. Guests can share their pictures seconds after taking it. We also offer QR code for touchless operation Also set-up is done by a professional photographer not an amateur that doesn't know lighting. We also offer a True Kardashian black-and-white filter with skin smoothing, other companies imitate but cannot duplicate our results.

Photo Booth Rental Chicago

How it works?

Guests walk up and see a live preview with easy countdown before a picture is taken.  The can also fully control the booth using there own smart phone and can choose a cool Digital prop,  optional B&W filter or Full Color with built-in Glam Filter made famous by Kim Kardashian. They will also have an option to use the worlds most advance A.I Digital Face Tracking Props. After viewing their photo they can share instantly by enter text number to email, That’s it!.  Guests will also receive access to the full live gallery, Best thing is they only need to enter their text or email one time no matter how many times they come back to take additional pictures. Most booths make your guest enter an email every time they take a picture which causes really long lines and frustration. Speed is what makes us stand out from everyone else!

NEW 2021 Feature  (Face Match)

Custom photo gallery for each guest. (New Feature)

No more entering your email or text everytime you want to send a photo to yourself. This takes up too much time and can hold up lines. We can search the entire event and only show the photos you appear in  using your on own phone anytime during or after the event by our new A.I Face Match feature.

Lighting we use?

This is not the typical Hard light that others use. We use a professional level soft ring light which will make your guests look like superstars.

Black and white Kardashian filter with skin smoothing

Black and white Kardashian filter Chicago photo booth.jpg
Kardashian photo booth photo.jpeg

Guests Can Use Hand To Start Taking a Photo

Touchless handsfree photobooth.gif

Guests get by taking a photo of QR Code

chicago touch less photo booth

Easy Touch Free Fun!

Touchless handsfree photobooth chicago.g
Selfie Photo Booth Kiosk Rental _ Chicag

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We are very proud to be named in the top 5 best photo booth rental companies in Chicago by Modern Luxury Magazine.
Specific features upon request

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