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Virtual Photo Booth Cost and Rates

Pricing ranges anywhere from $100 to $200 per an hour and can go up from there based on how much customization and branding you need, also how many potential AI background removals you need automatically done.

Welcome to the new normal!

Pretty much every corporate related event is now done remotely, so why not have a fun engaging method it to keep everyone involved.

it can offer a host of features to include advanced AI virtual background removal without a green screen and a fun competition mode using a virtual "scratch and win" for participants.

There is even a more advanced AI background removal feature that can now have a team that is located anywhere in the world and bring all their photos together as a group.

Virtual Photo Booth Cost
Virtual Photo Booth Can Group All Of Your Guests From Anywhere

Have all of your participants play a fun game to help them engage and win a fun prize of your choice. Advanced algorithms will let you choose how many times there is a winner. You can also even add a custom survey with questions of your choice.

Virtual Photo Booth feature
Best Virtual Photo Booth With Cool Contest Mode

And the best part is all of this can be done from their desktop, laptop or a smart phone and the user experience can be completely customized to your brand! You can also vet all the photos to make sure they are appropriate to safe guard your brand.

Virtual Photo Booth On Smart Phone
Virtual Photo Booth On Smart Phone

Right now one of the leading edge companies that offers this service is AirBooth Social


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