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Your Virtual Booth Demo Page

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"Your Company name here" :)

Welcome to your blank customizable page,

It can look like anything you want!

Add any photo, logo, links and instructions for your online guest. 

If you want to keep it simple and skip a custom page and directly use our easy hyperlink or QR code that you display on your Webpage, Social Media, Zoom call or Virtual Expo Floor-plan. 

3 ways your guest can start your virtual booth.

Add to your site or virtual event page.

1) An Icon

2) A QR code (Zoom Meeting)

3) A Direct Hyperlink

Take My Photo

Main Demo.png

TIP:  Lighting makes a world of difference Use Your iPhone for best results, face a light source such as a large window or don't forget someone can take the photo for you, just select the rotate camera icon in top right to use rear phone camera. Even consider going outside for a nice outdoor shot.


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